Axé Capoeira performs at a variety of different events from small private functions to major corporate galas. Our performances range from 5 minutes to 40+ minutes in length. Shows can be arranged as a family oriented, educational show suited for elementary schools or an entertaining and electrifying show suited for nightclubs, weddings and festivals. Bring Axé to your next event and see the excitement in your students and/or clients!

Capoeira (cap-o-ay-ra) is a unique, interdisciplinary Brazilian art form combining acrobatics, dance, martial arts and passionate Afro-Brazilian music. The performance will contain capoeira solos and duplas (pairs) done within a capoeira roda (ring) which will delight audiences with their dazzling movements.

Maculelë (mah-coo-le-le) is an Afro-Brazilian dance created by African slave workers on the sugarcane plantations in Bahia, Northeast Brazil. The dance is choreographed based on the movements and drum rhythms used during the harvest. The slaves used machetes to cut the sugarcane, but later they developed a form of dance with sticks.

Coco De Roda (Cocoo-dee-hoda) is a typical dance from the beach regions of the Northeast of Brazil and has a strong African drumming influence. The choreography of the dance involves steps and movements traditional of the indigenous Tupis peoples of Brazil.

Colheita is a traditional harvest dance from Brazil. The dance — portrayed entirely by women — represents the annual bean harvest in rural Brazil. The dancers wear traditional colorful and flowing skirts. They swing woven baskets rhythmically, which is derived from collecting and sifting beans at the harvest.

Dança Afro is an Afro-Brazilian dance was first created by the slaves of Brazil’s colonial era. The mixture of the steps, and of the rhythms brought by these slaves, with Indigenous and Europeans influences were essential to the vitality of Brazilian dance. In order to accommodate a rhythmical richness, Afro-Brazilian dance has as its main characteristics the rapid marking of the rhythm by the feet, and free and independent movements of arms, chest, head and hips.

Samba Reggae & Samba are some of the most popular and well-known dances from Brazil. Featuring a highly contagious rhythm, samba is usually seen during Carnival and Mardi Gras celebrations around the world.

Capoeira and Brazilian Dance Workshops -Axé Capoeira Tucson offers capoeira workshops for introductory, beginner, or advanced students. Workshops will be suited for the skill level of the group. For any information on performances or workshops please contact us. Necessary contact information is below, and please describe the size/type of show requested, venue, location, and number of attendees.