Do I Need Previous Experience To Join?

You do not need previous experience to join. We have beginners joining our classes all the time. Very few have experience in other physical activities before they start. The class will prepare the student with strengthening exercises and stretches for the movements they will learn. Beginner students will have the opportunity to start learning the basic moves separate from the class until they can follow along with everyone else. They can also decide to do a private lessons to get more one-on-one attention from the instructor.

Are There Belts In Capoeira? How Does Someone Progress Through The Belt System?

Our group’s belt system can be found here. Students progress through the belts by participating in events know as a ‘Batizado’. A Batizado is a celebration of Brazilian culture with folkloric, traditional and warrior dances, pulsating live percussion music and of course, lots of Capoeira. Axé Capoeira Arizona holds one of these events every year. The student may receive the belt at our local Batizado or an Axé Capoeira Batizado in another city.

Can Capoeira Be Used For Self-Defense?

Capoeira was developed with one purpose in mind: self-defense. Many people who don’t understand Capoeira may doubt its effectiveness in a fight. This is a powerful weapon for a capoeira practitioner since the element of surprise is a very important one for any capoeirista. Click here to see capoeira being used in an MMA fight.

Is Capoeira Recommended For Weight-Loss? What Muscle Groups Does It Target Most?

Capoeira is a marvelous exercise for the body, involving all muscle groups and developing a series of physical qualities. Many people say capoeira is an exciting new alternative to the repetitiveness of traditional exercise methods such as aerobics and weight lifting. Since you never stand still in capoeira, it develops the cardiovascular system and is great for core strength. Its basic stance alone, the ‘Ginga’, is great for toning and strengthening the thighs and glutes. However, the benefits of capoeira go far beyond just physical. Your mind is stimulated with the focus that is necessary to execute sequences, react to your opponents body movements and play the music. With all that, students usually forget all about the physical benefits and just focus on learning and having fun while doing it.

How Long Will It Take Me To Learn Capoeira?

There is no end to the learning process in capoeira. The amount of time it takes a new student to learn the basics depend on many factors. It’s recommended that people attend classes at least three times per week to get their bodies used to the movements and be better able to learn the steps and moves. The amount of time it takes each person will depend on their athletic level, previous experience in other physical activities, consistency, will to learn, patience and dedication. You do not need to be flexible or be in shape to start classes, however, when you start capoeira you will see many positive changes in your body such as increase in strength, stamina, flexibility, energy and a more toned physique.

How Do I Register For Classes?

To sign up for class, you simply need to arrive about 10 minutes before class time so you have time to get changed, make any necessary payments, speak to the instructor and ask any questions you might have. You are welcome to start in the mixed class; however, we recommend everyone start in the beginner class when possible. In this class the instructor will be better able to correct your moves and work closer with each student due to the simplicity of the moves taught in that class. The objective of the beginner class is to prepare each student for the mixed level class. This is where students will begin to work on more complex moves and sequences as well as the music and other aspects that will make someone a complete ‘Capoeirista’.