Axé Capoeira Tucson provides an excellent Capoeira Arts experience. Very well rounded and effective Capoeira training. As well as Afro-Brazilian dance and music. So inspiring and motivating!


This is an amazing group, full of encouraging, dedicated students. The workout is incredible, but the training is so much more. The atmosphere, the energy, the culture, the people – it all combines into a indescribable experience. Anyone looking for a healthy activity should definitely come try it out!


This is a great place to come get a nice workout, learn some really cool moves and meet some amazing people! Most definitely one of my favorite places to go to here in Tucson!


I started with this group almost a year ago. Not only am I stronger than I have ever been, I also became part of a family. I felt like a valued member of the group from the very beginning. Looking back, becoming a part of this family was the best decision I made this year.


This has been a great experience for me, in a wonderful environment and with fun and encouraging people. I’m new to Tucson, and completely new to Capoeira, and the the patient and inclusive atmosphere, paired with friendly smiles, and Instructors and practitioners that remember your name.


I was invited to come train Capoeira with this group and was not disappointed. The teacher and his group of students are very welcoming and have a great energy. The teacher is nothing short of amazing either. He is very knowledgeable about Capoeira and does a good job at paying attention to each of his student’s performance.


Capoeira is unlike anything else I have ever tried. Since I have started training, I have seen a huge improvement in my flexibility, strength, and balance. Not only am I in the best shape I have probably ever been in, but I am starting to learn about a vibrant Brazilian culture.