Axé Capoeira performs at a variety of different events from small private functions to major corporate galas. Our performances range from 5 minutes to 40+ minutes in length. Shows can be arranged as a family oriented, educational show suited for elementary schools or an entertaining and electrifying show suited for nightclubs, weddings and festivals. Bring Axé to your next event and see the excitement in your students and/or clients!

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Booking Details:

Performances, workshops, classes and other events.

Length of Performances: 5-10 minutes, 15-25 Minutes or 30-40 Minutes+

Costs: Call or E-mail for breakdown of prices.

Contact: Aquil Hameed –  (“Instrutor Sombra”)

520-990-1820 (academy)


How long are your performances?

– Our performances range from 5 minutes to 45 minutes.

Can you provide workshops for schools?

– Yes. We have performed and taught at various Elementary and Secondary schools all across the United States. We offer a separate educational school performance available only for schools.

Where do you typically perform, what types of events?

– You can find our group performing at various events such as: weddings, corporate events and company parties, nightclubs, fundraisers, casinos, street festivals, barmitzvah/batmitzvah, birthday parties, restaurants, tv commercials and various educational schools shows. If you are not sure if our performance is suitable for your event, just call or send us an email and we will get back to you within 24 – 48hours.

Where can I see you performing live?

– We perform at cultural event all across Arizona. Most of the other events that we perform at are private functions by invitation only.